Tiny Home Manufacturing

Build Tiny Homes with Log or Timber

Tiny homes are tiny heaven for modern minimalists. These homes offer everything you need for general daily comfort, without all the extra unused space. On top of saving on utility and maintenance costs, tiny homeowners save on costs to build the home as well, simply because it requires fewer materials.

Here at C & B Lumber Inc., we hand-cut and manufacture all the lumber you need to build the home of your dreams, no matter how big or small.

Whether you want to build a log home for extra warmth and style, or you want to go the traditional route with a timber foundation, we’ve got what you need. We happily work with contractors and homeowners all over the country.  We’re excited to provide quality lumber to bring your or your client’s dream home to life.

Quality Lumber for a Quality Home

As costs to build and own a home are on the rise, the low price and the many benefits of tiny homes are becoming more and more attractive to many homeowners, especially single people, young couples, and empty nesters. These homes are perfect for the adventurer who doesn’t need much to live a fulfilling life. And with quality materials from C & B Lumber Inc, you can build a tiny home for an affordable price with lumber that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to build a tiny home for yourself, for a client, to rent or sell to on the market, or for cabin dwellers to book on Airbnb, we have the log and timber materials you need.  On top of our heavy timber beams, our logs are manufactured to a variety of cuts, including milled logs, log siding, and tongue and groove logs. Each of our cuts is customized to your needs and the dimensions of your home.